Ali Dikmen


I was born in the village of Lake-year Army 15/03/1975. I started training in 1988 after making my life until middle school to working life in the construction industry. I have six brothers and me and my brothers in the construction sector as most of Istanbul and Fatsa 'they continue to operate within the various projects.

I'm trying to learn a hobby I started with taekwondo in 1988; my first championship trophy in Istanbul Taekwondo Clubs Competition in 1990, received in 1992 the first competition Taekwondo Black Sea region. I completed the eight years of my life in the sport of taekwondo instructors order the last two years. In my military duty 1995-1996 Malatya Special Operations Team C-46 Commando did Period as Blue Helmets. In 1997, I married my now wife and 17, 14, had three kids, including 2 years old.

My first job I've realized the construction project; Kavacık district of Istanbul, Villa type 90 residences Acer in 1997. The city's contractor did to former club Trabzonspor Chairman Salih Alparslan. In more:

  • Ali Agaoglu Istanbul Sarıgazi as Chief of Staff Housing Project;
  • Istanbul Yeditepe University Mountain Project in the belt as the team head staff of 150 people;
  • Gökhan Tepe farm 11 houses Villa Town-Project contractor;
  • Social Service Building Esenyurt Municipality of Istanbul contractor, Health and school.
  • Özyurtlar Construction and contracting market. Tic. Inc. Bogazköy 30 dwelling ECA construction project and many other projects the contractor;
  • Construction and Tahhhüt fractures. Tic: "The beykent Aram City, Gazi Osman Pasa-Private Hospital, Beylikdüzü hotel construction, 10 Sefaköy 6-storey housing construction

Contractor of Proeje,

Ayhanoğl Textile Factory, Mintek Building-New Residence, Haramidere -Nel Textile Building, Merten Design-Construction of stanbul, and was followed by many projects.

I started my own Make-Sat project in 2008 and I'm still continuing.

I officially founded in 2009 and finished construction of the planting Current projects;

Mintek 2009-2014 Structure, Singh Construction, Özyurtlar, Actuel Stationery (Factory Building), the ECA construction-school Hsm Construction, Construction Hashemi, Elytis Jewellery